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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Guild Progress

Alright I think I'm finally okay with the background and colors, I can move on to painting the frijoles out of this mother. I just want to give the impression that the Navigator is in something large and spherical without having to show the whole thing. I haven't fully designed the acolytes and their staffs/weapons/whatever those are yet, but I want them to look sort of sickly or diseased looking. I imagine that they are "pre-steersmen," In a larval state on the way to being a navigator, and they have apparatuses that constantly feed them spice gas to aid in their transformation.


carl folmer said...

Really cool! love the colors!

Anna Christenson said...

Really cool! I think compositionally, the acolytes are a bit samey in size to the guild steersman. It might make more interesting space if you pulled back on the scene some, but left those guys close up in the foreground to get some size variation.

Love the colors, and design of the navagator though.