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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some Changes 'Round Here

Soooo I figured I'd just redirect my website straight to this blog, since it was very outdated (3 years... -_-). In Lieu of this I've included separate pages at the top of my blog, a page with my bio and a small gallery page. Now it functions pretty much like a regular website except hella easy to manage! Also, I've been trying to return to my roots as a line artist recently, in light of recent projects. I used to be really into comic-book/animation style work, but sort of lost my way as I was trying to become better at painting. Now I feel i can return to it with fresh eyes, see what new artists I like and steal their techniques! This particular design is a character I've had for a LONG time (since I was 16!) named Agrat, who is essentially a succubus queen. I was inspired by people like Wendling and Bartucci, some of my line art heroes... I am a big fan of European artists, Heavy Metal, etc when it comes to the styles/subject matter I lean to. I promise I'll post something other than girls next time!