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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ritual progress, part.... I forget

That's right, I still work on shit that you think I forgot existed. Honestly this blog helps to remind me what I have unfinished which is useful. I think I've finally come to terms with the lighting conditions I want, far less harsh light that isn't directly on her face anymore. Now that I have a clearer view I can really start going to town on the smaller details and what the hell I'm gonna do with that smoke. I might even consider stretching the canvas down a bit more, we'll see. I like how graphic the birch in the background is looking. All in all, much happier than when I started. Finding reference for this sort of lighting is a nightmare, though... So if you know any blonde models who have been hankering to get topless and drip blood on themselves, forward me their home address ASAP. Thanks in advance.


Sythlordian said...

I am excited to see this one developed further. What about some ritualistic beads coming down from around her neck to offset the brightness of her chest? Dude, your stuff inspires the heck out of me.

art of antonia figue said...

ooooh. the lighting - really neat! (actually - the thing that i like the most about this one is the blood on her hands (especially the more saturated colours on her knuckles) and the trees in the background.

haha, and i would consider standing some reference for you, but unfortunately i'm located in the european area ^.^

looking forward to what this is ending into. sooo great.

NIW said...

If you end up finding the contact info for that model, put me on the forwarding list.