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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

American beauty

Train of thought: drawing a study of a girl with her fist clenched. Sees if Supergirl symbol would nice on her chest. Study becomes Supergirl.


Dan Karlsson said...

Good stuff! :)

Anna Christenson said...

Looking great, love how you silhouetted her body at the bottom.

Just to nitpick, I do think that her upper arm would be reeeeeeeeeeeally long though with her forearm that low. Her chest being very long might be part of the problem.

Gorrem said...

Lol just saw this^ Thank you! I had edited it only a couple hours after I published it addressing that exact problem. Part of it was that the super symbol was out of alignment which threw her shoulders off.

Andrew Yates said...

But how does she pierce her ears???

Gorrem said...

Magnetic earrings.