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Monday, May 28, 2012

Due to recent events, I have a lot more spare time on my hands so I can get back to working on stuff I haven't touched in a while. Apparently I haven't updated this chestnut since February, so I got on the case. I couldn't find a hand pose that was perfect so I had to combine a few and then look up what hands covered in blood looked like separately. I think in general I need to add more atmosphere, especially to the face, now that the rest has become so loose.


Hélène said...

Very sad story, about 38 Studio. We are following this from far away (France).

It may be very hard for you, I hope you will find soon a good great job.

I like very much your art, and I'm following you for a long time, even if I'm a silent one ^^

NIW said...

it's about time you updated this, you dungus!

nullunit said...

Yay for the update, boo for the 38 Studios debacle. Did you get in on the job faires that popped up around the closure or you just gonna take some time to chill for a minute?

kari c. said...

Sorry to hear about 38 Studios, that's craziness.

Nice expression on the character. I like the horned silhouette of the robe.

Margaret Taylor said...

Aw, damn. Are you taking commissions in the meanwhile?