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Friday, April 27, 2012

Guild Navigator

More Dune!

I've been trying to come up with a Steersman design for a while, this is the closest so far.

Here's the original description, summed up nicely by Wikipedia:

 ...a "humanoid fish," and described in his tank of spice gas as "an elongated figure, vaguely humanoid with finned feet and hugely fanned membranous hands — a fish in a strange sea."

 ...they possess a "tiny v of a mouth" and "ugly flap of nose" and that "Mouth and nose appeared small on a Navigator's gigantic face with its pulsing temples."

I wanted to make this creature interesting with contrasts; a round belly with an angular, lanky figure, appearing old and yet still undeveloped, frail but threatening for some reason. Although they are incredibly powerful they are also driven by their addiction to spice, so it was important to illustrate that they are driven by greed as much as they are by intellectual pursuits.

Technically they are even supposed to wear a leotard and a utility belt, but I might take some artistic liberties and do away with that... I dunno we'll see.


Willem said...

oh hell yeah! Awesome topic...I love seeing people's interpretations of the steersmen. I wanna see more designs though!

NIW said...

yeah man! draw them in their spice tanks!

Josh Chodorow said...

Steersmen slashfic!

I mean... yeah! In spice tanks!