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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alia Takes a Bath, part II

This is a continuation of the livestream painting. I really enjoy this one, although the perspective on the bathtub is killing me. Every time I make a composition change with the bathtub I have to adjust the perspective. This is why you figure this crap out in the beginning instead of later :( The black nebulus in the background will probably fade off into a galaxy-looking kind of abstractness.


Bárbara da Cunha said...

Oh, she's is getting so, so pretty!

I was one of the people watching your livestream, when you started drawing this.
I never read Dune, but I truly love your Alia fanarts LOL
I must say it's really awesome, I would love to see it done!

All the best and keep with your awesome worlk!

Celtic Botan

Anonymous said...

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Milled said...

Damn! I love the mixture of warm and cool tones in the skin. I also dig some of the edges you have going on, for example, her chin area and her boob (on the left). Sweeeet!