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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sphinx

Something I'm working on now-- I hate doing perspective on curves so much! I think i lost something about her face that's not in the painting and in general I think I'm gonna make her a bit bigger, those the most important changes to me right now. I also don't know if I'm happy with a square composition yet but I really wanted to show the "wing" effect.. I might even crop off the victim, I dunno. Teal and orange are so great for sci-fi lighting colors to the point of cliche so of course I had to do one. Or five.


Shadow said...

Gorgeous. Love your line flow man.

Louis Porter Jr. said...

I like where this is going. Would love to see the final piece.

Willem said...


you need to finish this!

kari c. said...

very cool. great color and lighting.