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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hwi Noree

Working on this also, most definitely not done yet-- but the pressure to show progress has motivated me to continue working on it! God Emperor of Dune has so far been my favorite Dune book. It's said that Jabba the Hut's palace was inspired by a combination of Baron Harkonnen and the image of the God Emperor with Hwi Noree, the object of His desire that he can never truly have. This depicts the moment that they meet for the first time; i tried to stay true to the descriptions in the book but I took some liberties. Leto is beginning to realize he has a weakness, and Hwi sees the tragedy of his circumstance. I really need to figure out what going on in the background... And foreground. I spent all my time on Hwi and she turned out to look like a Disney princess. Don't worry, I'll add the incense burner.

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Willem said...

dunno wtf this is about, but it looks badass. I have a feeling you just ruined the book for me though.


Lets see an update!