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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GIGANTIC is unleashed!

Our game was announced today! Oh joy. I'm really happy for my team and I'm glad the vision came through so clearly. Check it ouuuut!


nullunit said...

I saw the trailer on Joystiq and jumped over here to confirm if this was the company you had hooked up with.

It is. Congrats!

How early in the design process did you join the company?
Are you allowed to share any of your work yet?

Knossos and Tytos look and move great.

Gorrem said...

Hey, Thanks a lot! I came into the project just as the art style was beginning to solidify. I felt like I was hired to re-enforce the proto-art direction for characters with my own style.

W're getting ready to release development art soon!

The animators did a great job, I think Joe Han was responsible for animating Tyto but there were a few involved.

nullunit said...

Cool! You gpoing down to SDCC since you are on the west coast now or is that too crazy far?

Gorrem said...

Nah probably not, I will be with my company at Pax Prime though since it's right in Seattle. :)