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Monday, February 17, 2014

Coffee Shop Sketching

I haven't had my computer set up for digital painting so most of my time is in a sketchbook. Here are some that I've been doing recently at sketch groups or coffee shops in Seattle.
 She fell asleep on the bus. Creepy, I know. Just don't fall asleep around me, as a general rule.

 Lone Wolf & Cub reference!
 And finally, Hipster Paul.

I wanna start doing livestream again, or maybe Google Hangout of some kind. If people have a preference, please let me know and why.


Johan Wahlb├Ąck said...

Beautiful work, very inspiring. Thank you kindly for sharing!

Mathew Kaminski said...

THIS is where it's at! I want to start seeing the awesomeness of your pencils bleeding into the digital.

I would actually perfer livestreaming myself, but I'm probably in the minority.

Regardless, more please? :)

Heath Heil said...

I especially like the last two :)