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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feyd-Rautha progress

Before Game of Thrones, there was another entitled piece-of-shit teenager who wanted to claim the throne, the only difference is this boy was supposed to! Hey-O! In progress, designing some Harkonnen clothes. I'd use the Baron but he snacks like he's knitting, Feyd is more European svelte.


Hélène said...

(I think it is Feyd Rautha)

I like his standing ! (I don't know the good word in english, his standing + his eyes looking)

Gorrem said...

woops it is! Thanks.

oacat said...


nullunit said...


They keep threatening a new film adaptation of Dune. Maybe with the success of GoT they will make a properly funded Dune Mini-series as opposed to the SciFi channel one.

I think Domhall Gleeson would be a great Feyd and Brendan Gleeson (his Dad) would be a cool Baron. They have an obvious familial connection but not carbon copy; good fit for a Uncle/Nephew.