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Friday, February 22, 2013

Jubes Final + gif

Final Product! And, bonus process gif because I actually remembered to save steps.

1)Initial sketch to make marks on paper. I had no idea where I was going.
2)At this point I decided I want it to be Jubilee, and have her blowing gum while holding shopping bags. The eyes are darker so they remain high contrast when they are multiplied over the...
3)Flat colors. I know want this to be a colorful piece even if I do use high contrast shadows, so i exaggerate the colors now.
4)Add some basic lighting, not sure what but a rim job is probably involved.
5) Paint up the face. This dictates the rules of lighting for the rest of the image, which is two light sources similar to outdoor sunlight with a studio back light for rim lighting AKA the rim job.
6)making my shadows dark, popping contrast, added color to the bags, details to the clothes, shadow colors, etc.
7)knock back some of the contrast below the waist to put the focus back on her face and add some J.J. Abrams light streaks.

The More You Know - Supposedly Jubilee is fully Chinese despite having blue eyes, not half Asian as I was lead to believe all these years. Back in the day it was alright to represent minorities as long as they had unnatural eye color, see: Storm.

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Will Samatis said...

This is such a great piece, thanks for sharing the process .gif as well as the break down - really enjoyed it. (I personally get a kick out of calling it the "rim job" to myself while I'm working every time I reach that part of a piece too)