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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Greatest Predator in the Universe

Ugh. Haven't updated in a month, EMBARRASSING. kinda hard when you don't have a personal computer after moving though.

God Emperor in worm form, plus the drawing in my sketchbook it's based on. Bonus Hwi Noree action on the bottom there. I guess I was going for a smokey Frazetta vibe, with the incense burning in his big lonely chamber. This was quick, i consider these studies for the bigger painting I'm doing. The greatest predator in the universe!


Josh Chodorow said...

Can you draw a dragon?

Timothy Lee said...

You have to change where you work.

Willem said...

what the fuck is that?! Spoilers damn man...i need to read the rest of the books so i can understand all the crazy dune stuff you draw. Awesome btw

nullunit said...

Glad your PC is working again but I really dig your traditional doodles too, fun to see to the sketches.

I love your Dune. You are one of the only artists I have seen who reads the material and is extrapolating reasonable ideas. The work you do on this stuff for fun and practice is better than much of the published work. Keep at it you beast.