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Saturday, March 03, 2012

So. I got a scanner.

After 6 years as a professional artist, I finally have my own scanner. How sad is that? Pretty sad. Contrary to popular belief I DO actually use physical (analog? so pretentious) media often, but mostly it's all in my sketchbooks and nothing ever finished. To start, here is a collection of stuff from Dune.
From top left - Laza tigers; Fremen costume; Shai Hulud; princess headdresses; krysknives; chairdog; old steersman concept (outdated, I've since redesigned them based on the book descriptions more closely); Alia, from a scene in Children of Dune.

I'll post more later once I get them arranged.


nullunit said...
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nullunit said...

The Dune designs are the first work I saw of yours and it feels spot on to me. I hope that someone gets a clue and has you on their Dune project of whatever type. You make the Fremen look right. It would be cool to see you tackle some of the other characters, but your ladies look so damned good you so just keep doing whatever keeps you coming back it.

Reiko Murakami said...

finally got Japanese translation of the series...I'll be thinking about your illustrations when I read the books :)