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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lady Sketches II

More girl doodles, funny how it ended up being some cliche blonde/brunette/redhead series like I'm painting the powerpuff girls or something. I did one randomly in a particular style and the other two followed as an exercise to keep consistency. Usually people are surprised when i do something that's not in my particular concept/illustration way of painting, but I do it pretty often when I'm painting gifts for other people. I guess I try to hone a style that is particular to other people's tastes when I do that, while making it interesting for myself. This is one of the rare times I did it just for me.


jouste said...

The subtleties you managed to pull off with these three simplistic eye studies are really awesome. There's a lot of character variation in them with a minuscule amount of line change.

typically with this pop-style art i tend to notice people utilizing the same eye-studies over again but you've really made these three girls their own people.

great work as usual.

bangbangteng said...

Yeah, I like these a lot too. The texture shown in the hair and skin is subtle and beautiful. The characters are wonderful, and the props add a ton.